About Us

We are a team of highly skilled professionals who started our journey back in September 2011. We have managed various international projects in our career and our portfolio continues to grow and we now operate with offices in US, UK and India. We are still very much a startup company, so at this stage we can\’t (and wouldn’t) compare ourselves to the technology giants out there. But although we might not be the biggest company we always try to be the best with our honesty, honesty with our work, with our clients and above all with ourselves.
We can assure our clients we will work on their projects with utmost dedication and discipline. Working on our team here we have the very best people who’re hugely experienced with the various technologies. Not only are we here to help you with the technology but we are here to help you with the solution. We understand that a client may not understand all the technical diversities so we will help you to decide the most suitable technology option and more importantly explain why. We will help our clients to understand these technical diversities in an easy to use way, without technical knowhow. Finding the right solution is a really crucial aspect in all of our projects, sometimes we can suggest technologies that have not have been thought of or find alternative ways to implement that will help save the client time and cost.We follow all the software engineering steps with our process.
Analysis: The analysis of requirements or current products provides an insight towards decision making. The analysis phase involves the complete study of requirements or current product to get every bits and bytes about the need or lacking in the current product. We believe that the more work done before starting a project reduces the work after starting a project.Design: The solution is designed and worked on after the analysis. The solution being designed must be accurate to the specifications and must be easily upgradable for future requirements. We also help to understand and decide the technology for our clients in the design phase.Development: As per the analysis and design approved the development work starts. We keep our clients updated with the progress each day and always accessible for any discussion in between. We carry out the development not only efficiently but also with speed to meet the deadline.Integration: Various modules of the solutions are integrated before the final testing. We believe that the solution is intended to meet customer satisfaction so we like our customers to be involved with these testing procedures. It also helps customer to understand the differences between the concepts and an end product resulting in the desired solution.

Complete: This may be an end of an project but it is a beginning of a relationship. We believe that what differentiates a good company to the best ones is the after development support. We strive to set a benchmark with our support and services.

Well Done Is Better Than Well Said. Give Us A Chance To Work With You.
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